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Why you should be choosing a natural Deodorant?

Don’t know the benefits of a natural deodorant? Don’t sweat it (pun intended), we’ve got you covered!

Deodorant is such an important part of everyone's hygiene routine! For most, it's a daily product we lather, spray or roll onto our pits. However, many deodorants on the market contain harsh chemical that can cause skin irritations and pose potential health risks. 

Here's why we think you should make the switch to a natural deodorant;

  • You are suppose to sweat!! It’s our bodies way of regulating our temperature & releasing toxins
  • Antiperspirants clog pores, meaning sweat builds up beneath the skin which can lead to health & skin problems
  • Antiperspirants can make you sweat more and smell worse!! Antiperspirants trap bad bacteria but they also trap the good which would usually digest any bad bacteria. Causing a big build up of more sweat and potentially a stronger smell.
  • Aluminium is a key ingredient in most deodorants. This chemical reacts negatively with hormones and can pose health risks- we don’t want any aluminium on our pits.

Remember, when you decide to make the switch, there is often a detox period! It will take approximately a week for your pits to return to their natural balance of good and bad bacteria. You will find as you start to use a natural deodorant you will experience less body odour even when you are not wearing any deodorant. It's a win win. 

Make the swap and start by trying our all Natural No Nasties Deodorant paste.

One small swap...