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Sustainable, Sustainable, Sustainable! 

What does living sustainably really mean? 

Sustainability by definition is, "avoidance of depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance". 
Our responsibility as a generation, a community is to meet our daily needs without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. 
There are many ways to live sustainably from the food you buy, the clothes you purchase, the materials you use within your home. 
We often refer to the four pillars of sustainability, Human, Social, Economic and Environmental. These are huge topics that can be unpacked extensively. Over the next few posts we will touch on the four pillars and what we can do to ensure we are having a positive impact in these areas of sustainability.
Lets put this in perspective by looking at a daily example of how we can have a NEGATIVE impact on one of the pillars without even really giving it much thought.
Take our morning coffee. Many of us see our morning coffee as a pick me up, a moment of calm or a daily ritual. ☕️
We often consume in order to satisfy a split second need without considering the ripple effect.  
  • Purchased in a single use plastic lined cup, more often than not recycled incorrectly due to Australia’s confusing recycling laws & into land fill she goes
Just. Like.That.
Every year 1 Billion disposable coffee cups end up in landfill across Australia. 
We are becoming more and more aware of how our daily actions have ripple effects that we may not have previously considered. Below is a list of actions we can do to ensure our daily habits aren't having a drastic negative impact on our environment. 
Things you can do to become more environmentally sustainable;
  • Reduce your household waste
  • Eat & purchase locally
  • Reduce your household energy use
  • Try planting some seeds this spring
  • Reuse or donate
  • Recycle ♻️
  • Drink tap water rather than purchasing