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TerraCycle- What you need to know!

TerraCycle are changing the recycling game! Their website is bursting with information so you can check them out here

TerraCycle is a social enterprise with their mission being to eliminate the idea of waste! They have found that nearly everything we touch can be recycled and they intend to do so.

TerraCycle are working with leading companies such as Kiehl's Skincare, Fairy Cleaning products, Colgate Oral Care, Gillette Razors and many more to ensure that their products after use are processed through a recycling program to ensure majority of, if not all materials are recycled or repurposed.

This program has diverted millions of pounds of valuable resources from landfill.


1. Go to

2. Pick the Recycling Program you wish to use- this might be to recycle your empty Kielh's skincare bottles

3. Join the program by making a free account

4. Collect your empties in a cardboard postage box/reused box and ensure you follow the guidelines for each recycling program. (This is all on the website)

5. When you are ready to send your empties to TerraCycle, print off your free shipping label

6. Post them off

7. When you recycle through TerraCycle, each company will have their own agreements where you may receive free samples of product to try or earn points through TerraCycle which can then be used to donate towards a charity or School of your choice.

This is a fantastic initiative giving us all the tools and resources to ensure everything we use we can now be recycled or repurposed easily and effectively!

Make sure to give them a go, they are just getting started!

ONE SMALL SWAP..... this might be it!