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Landcare Australia

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 Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia are a National not-for-profit organization, who have evolved to become one of the largest volunteer movements in Australia.

The Landcare community is made up of approximately 6,000 Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, ‘Friends of’ and other community environmental care groups across Australia.

“Landcare has thousands of people and countless communities working together toward sustainable land use and undertaking on ground action to protect, enhance and restore an area on behalf of a community”

Multiple stakeholders, government and corporate bodies support Landcare Australia to achieve their vision of “All Australians caring for the land and water that sustains us”.

Landcare Australia develops campaigns in partnership with its stakeholders to

  • recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Landcare community
  • encourage participation in Landcare activities and the recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • attract government, corporate and philanthropic funding and support for good quality, hands on projects and programs that will improve environmental outcomes.

The well known brand Country Road recently announced their partnership with Landcare. With a % of sales from their Cotton Heritage Sweats going toward funding multiple biodiversity projects.

We want to support the environment directly through the work we do. We are proud to support such a fantastic initiative made up of people like you and I. You can head to their website to get involved!

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