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A Plastic Free Kitchen

There is nothing better than a clean, well-organised I right?? Well I am here to tell you how you can make it even more well-organised and in a way that serves the environment at the same time! Win win. 

Our Kitchens are a huge source of waste within our homes. From food scraps (if you aren't composting...start composting) to single use glad wraps, paper towel, cleaning clothes, water waste and harsh chemicals. 

Lets take a look at how we can make a conscious effort to make our kitchens a more sustainable place. 


1. Compost! It's fun i promise you! Get yourself an indoor or outdoor compost bin & get going. Collect your fruit and veggie scraps from the week & watch them turn into rich, nourishing soil you can then use to fertilize your garden. Wallah you have a circular economy right inside your own home! 

2. Ditch the glad wrap! single use plastics are a big NO NO for our environment, glad wrap is one to avoid. Opt for a reusable bees wax wraps, pop the food in a glass container instead. 

3. Switch out your cloths & scrubbers! If you are still opting for paper towel to clean up your spills, this a great one to switch out! Paper towel is 100% not recyclable. Switch it out for a plant based kitchen cloth. These are biodegradable and can go in our compost bin at the end of its life. If you are still using a plastic scrubber, make the switch to a bamboo dish brush, they clean far more effectively, hold less bacteria between cleans and are also 100% compostable. 

4. Go natural! Switch to a more natural cleaning range. Swap your plastic wrapped dish washing tablets for a plant based one. Many chemicals in supermarket bought tablets are not necessary and can harmful for our waterways and for indoor aid pollution. Choose a kitchen bench spray that has natural bacteria fighting ingredients like vinegar and essential oils. 

5. The less packaging the better! When doing your food shop avoid unnecessary packaging. Take your own produce bags so you don't need the plastic ones, opt for loose leaf spinach instead of plastic packaged spinach. Shop for products that are consciously packaged in paper, cardboard, glass or recycled plastics. Lots of brands are doing changing the way they package to be more environmentally conscious so put your money toward products that are serving you and our environment. 

One small swap from each of us is all it takes. 

Our Kitchen range is here to help you get started!